A virtual whiteboard for live collaborations with a feature-rich library.

IMAGO Collab is a lightweight virtual whiteboard that enables distributed teams to work together effectively and seamlessly.


1. Compatible with any device and browsers
IMAGO Collab works on any device, from laptops to desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. It is also optimised for all browsers from Chrome to Safari and Edge.

2. Never too Far to Collaborate.
Collab empowers remote, onsite, and hybrid teams to communicate and collaborate across various formats, tools, channels, and time zones – without the constraints of a physical location, meeting space and whiteboards.

3. Supercharge Your Brainstorming Sessions.
IMAGO Collab is equipped with templates and a feature-rich sketching library to facilitate effective brainstorming sessions
or team discussions. For example, users can start their brainstorming session quickly and efficiently by simply
importing their favourite brainstorming or mind-mapping templates from the library without having to create one from scratch.