IMAGO wins coveted Red Dot Award for Product Design 2022

Claymont, Del., 15 April 2022 – IMAGO TECHNOLOGIES LLC, a multinational technology company specializing in smart education and team collaboration technologies, is proud to announce that its IMAGO UC100 PRO Limited Edition Huddlecam (IMAGO UC100 PRO LE) has won the Red Dot Award for Product Design 2022.

“We are very honoured to be given this prestigious recognition from Red Dot. Such an achievement is a testament of our commitments and efforts to deliver value to our customers through our innovations. Since the beginning of the pandemic, schools and workplaces have struggled to find effective ways to transition into remote learning and working environments, due to the host of digital challenges involved. With the IMAGO UC100 PRO LE, we want to provide our customers and business partners solutions to seamless learning and meetings with effective visibility to address their challenges and  keep up with the new norms of working and learning,” said Ethan Tan, CEO of IMAGO TECHNOLOGIES LLC.

The IMAGO UC100 PRO Limited Edition Huddlecam is an all-in-one video conferencing camera that takes you effortlessly from work to online classes to entertainment, in a compact and lightweight design that is ideal for smaller spaces and huddle rooms.

The IMAGO UC100 PRO LE boasts crystal-clear video quality with wide-angle coverage thanks to its built-in 2K ePTZ (digital pan-tilt-zoom) wide-angle camera with Sony Sensor and a 94-degree diagonal Field-of-View (FoV). In line with IMAGO’s goal to put people at the heart of the online meeting and teaching experience, the AI Tracking Camera keeps participants in view and adjusts the frame accordingly to any changes in the scene or of participants. This feature ensures that users can stay focused and avoid having to constantly adjust their camera and settings during a call. With its adaptive real-time face detection, auto framing, and optimal screen to meeting room ratio, the IMAGO UC100 PRO LE enhances the user experience by empowering all participants to focus on collaboration via a shared and seamless platform.

IMAGO UC100 PRO LE comes built-in with a highly sensitive HD Microphone with 4 microphone arrays and a 360-degree voice pickup within a radius of 5 meters. It is made for all users with its simple USB plug & play feature and is compatible with any video conferencing application, making it an all-in-one device that combines everything you need for a quality video call in one compact device.

The “Red Dot Award” is one of the most sought-after seals internationally for high design quality and is only awarded to products that feature outstanding designs. In order to appraise the diversity in the field of design, the prestigious award is broken down into three distinct Red Dot Award disciplines, namely Product DesignBrands & Communication Design, and Design Concept.

Each competition is organised once every year. The products and communication projects, as well as design concepts and prototypes that are entered into the competition are evaluated by the Red Dot Jury, which convenes yearly for each competition based on the individual specialist areas of the respective members.

“This award sets IMAGO apart from the other brands. It reiterates our continued efforts to innovate and push boundaries to make remote learning and working a seamless and convenient process. I have always believed great success asks for the same essential ingredients. These ingredients include having an important mission, having a smart and talented team who firmly believes in that mission, and never settling for anything but the best,” Ethan concluded.

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