IMAGO Smart Present is built to scale, it provides educators with the tools they need to have a seamless experience of a traditional
physical classroom, moderate how students engage either in 1:1 mode or group collaboration, educators can easily manage their class’s learning on school or BYOD devices, monitor students’ activities and evaluate performance in real-time, by moderating which students get to share their screen, collaborate, provide individual or group assistance and implement collaborative learning methodologies.

WHY IMAGO Smart Present?

IMAGO Smart Present Classroom Management allow educators to focus on teaching, streamline the learning experience and keep their finger on the classroom pulse. IMAGO Smart Present elevate the traditional classroom experience to the innovative pedagogies of the future.

IMAGO Smart Present supports collaboration from any device, making your interaction with any IMAGO all-in-one systems easy.

1. A Classroom Management & collaboration tool for interactive & fun learning.
2. Share your idea effortlessly with real-time screen mirroring, up to 9 devices.
3. Comes with moderator control with Reverse Broadcast up to 100 devices or more.
4. Sharing is made even easier with high compatibility with multiple OS: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac & Chrome.

Available to download