Imago Team Collaboration

Achieve sky-high productivity with IMAGO All-in-One team collaboration solutions, made to simplify your hybrid work office setup.


Hassle-free, cost effective & easy implementation with all-in-one solution

Meeting Management via IMAGO Smart Present

Security guaranteed with customizable Hybrid Private Cloud to safeguard your video calls, recording, and archiving needs.

High compatibility & user-friendly

Integrated with video conferencing application – IMAGO Flash

IMAGO Meeting Pad

Whether it’s an in-person, remote, or hybrid meeting, you’ll find IMAGO Meeting Pad an indispensable tool in meeting your team collaboration and productivity goals.

Explore the many ways you can leverage this all-in-one solution at work.

Built-in Camera & Omnidirectional Microphones for a remote meeting that feels like an in-person conversation

Equipped with a 104° 8MP wide-angle camera, plus a 360° omnidirectional microphone with echo cancellation feature for wideband audio coverage up to 10 meters.

Virtual Meeting Room Ready – IMAGO FLASH

Enjoy the ease of starting a virtual meeting right from the screen and let your meeting attendees join your virtual meeting instantly via web browser – without the trouble of installing any additional plug-ins.

Remote Presentation, Seamless Collaboration

With IMAGO Smart Present, enjoy instant collaboration with cross-platform, seamless screen sharing from up to 9 devices and reverse mirroring with up to 100 devices.

Collaboration without Limitations

Increase participation in meetings with real time co-annotation and editing with remote participants.

Collaborative Whiteboard

From discussions to brainstorming sessions, the multi-touch Digital Collaborative Whiteboard with drawing features ensures seamless and productive collaboration. Contents can be saved locally or shared via a QR code.


User-friendly interface to reduce the learning curve.

Anti-Glare & Anti-Break Screen

Achieve a safer learning environment with an anti-break screen and eye protection from glare and blue-light emission.


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