IMC M720-2M AirMic

Speak Freely Elevate your Teaching & Learning to Higher Level

Blockout All the Echo, Noise, Clutter, Hear Everyone Crystal Clear

The IMAGO IMC M720-2M AirMic package is a microphone and digital audio processor designed and developed for normal recording and broadcasting and classroom or meeting room scenes with interactive needs. It is also suitable for digital courts, prison meetings, banks and other scenes.

Audio Processor

The audio processor uses a dedicated chip, embedded architecture, professional digital audio processing, independent digital potential adjustment, precise volume control, high efficiency, low delay, and the system is safer, stable and reliable.

Spherical Microphone Ceiling Mount

The spherical microphone supports suspended ceiling installation, ready to use, and can be hidden and installed on the ceiling, away from the floor and desktop, and the deployment is simpler and more beautiful.

Omnidirectional Sound Detection

The omnidirectional long-distance intelligent sound pickup of the dome-shaped hoisting microphone supports up to 3 levels of cascade, which can expand the sound pickup range without affecting the audio effect. A single ceiling-mounted microphone has a pickup radius of >6 meters, and two ceiling-mounted microphones can cover a 120 square meter classroom or meeting room.

Remote Control

The device parameters can be configured and controlled remotely through the network according to the actual on-site environment, and the parameter settings will take effect immediately, and the software and hardware can be restored to factory settings with one key.

Technical Specifications

 Installation is simple and flexible
▪ Concealed design
▪ Built-in three microphone components to support 360-degree pickupFrequency,Double Antenna

▪ Support for stereo audio
▪ Support for digital, analog dual-mode
▪ Supports multiple microphone arrays
▪ 60 square feet of free to deal with the room, three times larger than similar one-way products
▪ Electronic equipment is hidden in the ceiling, away from the floor and the desktop, so that the room is more flexible
▪ Directly connected to the interactive teaching system

▪ Dynamic microphone orientation recognition
▪ Full-duplex digital audio
▪ Instant adaptation to echo cancellation
▪ Automatic Noise Suppression (ANS)
▪ Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
▪ 360-degree suspension of the microphone array pickup, without physical intervention can focus on the current speaker, so as to bring a better cloud classroom audio experience.