UC700 Pro Conference Group

Elevate your presence in virtual meetings

Essential for Every Conference Room

IMAGO UC700 Pro Conference Group is an affordable & value for money video conferencing system designed for mid to large sized conference rooms. It is a perfect conference solution that combines vivid video resolution & crystal clear audio quality.

Setup is hassle-free with a simple plug & play method. Join a virtual meeting instantly by simply connecting the UC700 Pro Conference Group with a laptop or PC.


IMAGO UC700 Pro Conference Group features a 10x optical zoom high-precision camera that guarantees crystal clear, Full HD 1080p video quality even in poorly lit environments.

With an auto-focus capability, the camera lens adjusts intelligently to deliver sharp and lively telepresence.


The central hub is built in with 4 single-point smart microphones, composing 360° omnidirectional crystal clear audio & cover up to 6 meters sound pickup diameter.

Expansion microphones are available to extend the sound pick-up coverage for up to 15 meters.

Comes with intelligent AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation), AGC (Automatic Gain Control), NC (Bi directional noise compression), experience your Virtual Meeting as in real presence and more natural.

Technical Specifications


1/2.8-inch-high quality HD CMOS sensor

Effective Pixels

2.07M, 16:9

Video Format


Optical Zoom Lens

10x Optical Zoom,


View Angle

20°(tele) 83.7°(wide)

Aperture Value

F1.8 – F2.8

Digital Zoom



2D, 3D DNR

White Balance

Auto/Manual/One Push/3000K/3500K/4000K/4500K/5000K/5500K/6000K/6500K/7000K


Auto/Manual/One Push




Voice Technical Parameters

Acoustic Echo cancellation(AEC)>65dB

Echo length cancellation: ≥400ms

Bidirectional noise compression (NC):

<25dB Automatic Direction finding Technology of Intelligent microphone(EMI) Automatic gain control(AGC)


Audio Technical Parameters

Microphone frequency response: 100Hz-22KHz

Speaker frequency response: 100Hz-22KHz

Speaker volume: 95dB at the most

Microphone sound-pickup diameter: 6 meters, 360 degrees full range



Bluetooth devices available


IR Reception

Angle: 360°

Distance: 10m


Expansion Mic (optional)

2 external microphones cam be connected, making the sound-pickup diameter up to 10 meters


Mini DIN6 ×2

Power interface×1

Power switch×1

Mini USB interface×1


Power Supply Effective Pixels

EC3800 plug(DC12V)

Adapter input AC110V-AC220V, output DC12V/1.5A


Connection Cable

Mini DIN6 data line ×2

Length: 5m(10m/15m for options)


USB Cable

USB2.0 cable  Length: 3m



Support Windows, Android, IOS and Linux

Drive-free automatic recognition of cameras, microphones, and speakers

Compatible with Imago Flash, Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Team